DJ Shok (dj_shok) wrote in toronto_noise,
DJ Shok

Friday Night!!!

..After all this Halloween crazyness is over come out and see Toronto's own Prospero ( ) LIVE. You may know him as a DJ from various nights around town, or you may know him as a favourite act at Montreal's COMA festival, either way - DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. Prospero's music is not only some of the best produced stuff I've heard it's also some of the most unique and melodic.

Also we're having a special guest DJ early on in the night. DJ Goldie from the Play It Hard with DJ Goldie will be spinning, so come out and show your support!

There will also be a special guest performance by It-Clings ( )

LiveWire, first Friday of the month
@ The Savage Garden Nightclub
550 Queen St. W. Toronto
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